Month: November 2013

See you next year, Golf.

This is the end of my golf season. The schizophrenic weather here in Iowa has finally gotten consistently bad enough for me to make no effort to go golfing again this year. I did, however, see a couple people golfing two days ago, then…


episode 1

Episode 1 of our podcast. Chris and William cover topics from old tv shows to old people and do a lot of IMDBing along the way. Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Android | RSS

would you cum on that? volume I

Let me explain the game. We will post 5 random things (people, objects, ideas) and answer the question “would you cum on that?” At the end we will total and see just how likely we are to ejaculate upon something. By calculating our ejac-ratio…


Welcome to the blog of The Only People Who Matter. On this site we will be posting rants, pictures, videos and our podcast. Our goal is simply to entertain you with what entertains us. If we find something funny or interesting or whatever, we…