would you cum on that? volume I

Let me explain the game. We will post 5 random things (people, objects, ideas) and answer the question “would you cum on that?” At the end we will total and see just how likely we are to ejaculate upon something. By calculating our ejac-ratio we hope to raise ejac awareness and give people a chance to really give some thought before touching stuff because you never know what has ejac on it.

This go around, Will will be asking and Chris will be answering.

a grandfather clock: No

the Mona Lisa: Yes

your own cell phone: No

your best friends cell phone: No

the holy water at a church of your choice: Yes, only if Baptist churches have holy water. I don’t know.

And there we have it. 2/5 yes’s this time for Chris. So far that leads me to believe that 40% of the world is covered in semen.

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