Would You Cum on That? volume 2

In this installment Chris will be asking Will if he would cum on any of the 5 items listed below. Keep in mind, you never really know someone until you know what he would cum on.

An X-Box one?
oh yes absolutely. preferably id cum on the xbox one that my roommate is inevitably going to buy.

Tim Tebow’s Heisman trophy?

yes. cuz fuck that guy.

The new Garth Brooks box set?
I would say no. but if it happens to be playing then id have no choice but to ejac because garth is amazing.

The steering wheel of your brother’s car?

no. because it would only help to improve the vehicles worth.

The steering wheel of your mom’s car?

no. I learned my lesson last time./p>

episode 5

For anyone who may have listened to the first 5 episodes, you may have realized that they were all part of one giant podcast. We broke it up into 5 smaller ones so it wouldn’t seem so daunting to sit and listen to over 3 hours of one podcast. But, here is the epic conclusion to the podcast first episode saga. We finally wrap up all the loose ends that have been keeping you on the edge of your seat this whole time. Or not. In any case, the first episode is finally over.

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