Monthly Archives: December 2013

Would You Cum on That? volume 2

In this installment Chris will be asking Will if he would cum on any of the 5 items listed below. Keep in mind, you never really know someone until you know what he would cum on. An X-Box one? oh yes absolutely. preferably id cum on the xbox one that my roommate is inevitably going […]

episode 6

Chris and Will are back at it. Family Guy (yet again), Football, PS4 vs XBOX, Black Friday, and much more! This is an hour long episode, so instead of watching another Real Housewives of Orange County, give us a listen.

episode 5

For anyone who may have listened to the first 5 episodes, you may have realized that they were all part of one giant podcast. We broke it up into 5 smaller ones so it wouldn’t seem so daunting to sit and listen to over 3 hours of one podcast. But, here is the epic conclusion […]

episode 4

episode 3

In this episode we welcome special guest Amanda Koch to The Only People Who Matter and we talk about a wide variety of subjects ranging from Firefly and Harry Potter to bribing tow truck drivers.

episode 2

Here it is. The long awaited second episode of our podcast. Sorry it took so long to get it uploaded, but more to come soon! Enjoy!