Monthly Archives: February 2014

the only cartoon who matters

the only cartoon who matters check out this cartoon of the first 2 minutes of episode 8 of the only people who matter podcast. more to come if you want it. do you? want it i mean.

episode 16

our good friend Ryan G. stops by to chat. the topics are broad and we get a little homo-erotic, so if your kids are in the room, turn it up because they will probably be loud and childlike and you won’t want to miss any of this glorious hour and a half.

would you cum on that vol 3

will asking. chris answering. Lombardi trophy: No, too much respect for it. Monica Lewinskys stained dress: Yes, might as well add to it’s jizz collection. Carrot Top: Yes, too little respect for him. The theory of relativity: Yes, assuming that I’d be cumming on some sort of textbook that explained the theory of relativity inside […]

objects lay

episode 15

Chris and Will start out talking about the NFL but end up creating the greatest NPO you’ll ever hear of. Seriously.

episode 14

Chris and Will are back in the studio aka Will’s bedroom talking about music, late night television hosts and animals who cut off their own penis! Pretty neato right?

episode 13

Some would say it’s the epic conclusion to the on the road trilogy. Others wouldn’t. Chris, Will, Trent, Sean. People Who Matter. Boom.