Monthly Archives: April 2014

episode 19

Chris and Will discuss Donald Sterling, our trip to Chicago this weekend, and much, much more. It’s some good shit this week so you should check it out.

Watch “the only people who matter episode 1” on YouTube

PLEASE everybody check out the first episode of our BRAND NEW WEB SERIES  “the only people who matter” …if you love the podcast, which im sure you do, because duh, we are pretty awesome. then you are sure to love the web series. what is better than listening to the only people who matter talk […]

web series promo 1

hey everyone, we’re doing it! check out our first promo for our new web series of ”the only people who matter”. we are currently writing and shooting our first few episodes so keep checking back for news and updates or follow us on twitter. @chris69nieman @wilbyr47

web series promo 2

Hey check out our second promo for our web series ”the only people who matter”. we are writing and filming the first few episodes now. so keep checking back for more updates or follow us on twitter. @chris69nieman @wilbyr47  

episode 18

Chris and Will discuss the opening of the baseball season and how we think our NFL teams have done in the offseason so far.

episode 17 – we’re back!

we are back at it folks! wanna know why we were gone so long? listen to this episode and you will find out. Also, we talk about that murderer oscar pistorius…emma watson…and famous people from iowa. its good to be back.