Month: May 2014

podcast epsiode 20

the big 2-0. chris and will have a lengthy discuss about their favorite comedic actors and eventually decide on a top 5 list to represent each of their favorites. Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Android | RSS Advertisements


Watch “the only people who matter episode 3” on YouTube

the only people who matter episode 3:

the only people who matter web series episode 2

boom. here it is. the 2nd episode of our web series.  

new twitter account!

now i know you all have been following our personal twitter accounts for weeks if not months if not years now.. @chris69nieman and @wilbyr47 but we have exciting news. we have combined powers to form a NEW twitter specifically for people who matter business…

latest promo!

hey everybody. you should check out this deleted scene from our 3rd episode of ”the only people who matter” web series. well, it wasn’t so much deleted as misplaced in the editing process…but it turns out it made a pretty sweet new promo. so,…