kevin’s ok cupid ‘about me’


kevin is the shit. like for real. he could bang the hottest chicks and never notice. if kevin┬áhad a daughter, he’d be able to bang her if he wanted. he wouldn’t, just to be clear. but he could. kevin looks like what you might. and that’s not even the most racist thing I’ve written in this story. if kevin were to order a drink at a casino in vegas, they’d give him one FOR FREE. kevin doesn’t give a fuck. kevin will tell you when he gives a fuck and will not speak to you otherwise. you will never hear kevin talk. everybody loves raymond? nope not kevin.

so hit kevin up if you want to get some of that dick. you know the one im talkin about. will send you some more pics if you want them. haha whoops, I meant when you want them. knowwhudimsayin?

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