Let’s Create a Punch-List

by Austen Rodgers  http://austenrodgerswriting.com/

Oftentimes I believe that the value of writing out a punch-list is understated, so I am here today to give tips and information about creating your very own punch-list.

In today’s first world society, we have lists for everything. To-do lists, check lists, Christmas lists, not-to-do lists, wish lists, and, now, punch-lists. Punch-lists have been around since the dawn of time. The first ever found was written by the Egyptians. Ancient Egyptians used the punch-list for many different reasons, mostly to simply remind the person who wrote it who they owed a fist-kiss to. Including the Persians.

  1. Punch-lists can be used for long-term, or short-term periods.
    1. Long-term: Do you know a person whom you originally hated, but then slowly became friends? Writing their name on a punch-list can help you retain your disdain and malice for that person.
    2. Short-term: Sometimes we disagree with family members, friends, and become frustrated with our household pets. And believe me, it’s better to put these onto a short-term list than hold all the rage inside. Who likes to pick up dog shit, anyways?
  2. Sometimes in public, say the bar, you’ll want to punch a face on the spot. But, be careful, as unplanned punching can lead to injury. Plan your punches first, and consider practicing in front of a mirror for maximum pain and concealment in a social setting.
  3. By writing someone’s name on the list, and showing that person the list, they are likely to take it as a joke. This is the secret behind the punch list. Legally, there is nothing they can do when you give them a fair warning.
  4. Last, but not least, practice makes perfect! If ever you feel that your punch-list has failed you, try again! Specifically, if you’re in prison, use your cell wall to write your list!  It’s the sacrifice and dedication that will get you far.