new year

well its a new year and that means people the world over are setting resolutions and goals that probably will never be met. so in keeping with tradition, we here at the only people who matter will set some of our own goals for the year.

  1. keep providing content for you, our wonderful followers. thanks for making 2014 a great starting point for us.
  2. make a feature length film. yep you read that correctly, we are currently writing our first feature as a troupe and hope to have it finished and produced by the end of this summer.
  3. keep putting out podcasts. maybe not once a week but at least twice a month.
  4. get over a thousand followers on each of these: our website/youtube/podcast. we love the fans we do have, but would like to reach a wider audience and entertain more people with our stuffs.

of course, each of us will have our own goals for the year, but from a group standpoint, we hope to get these accomplished. and guess what?! YOU can help us.

please share our videos or podcasts or articles with your friends. get the word out there about us and that will only help us to continue to do what we love, which is entertain YOU. it’s a win/win really.

thanks for mattering with us in 2014 and let’s continue to matter in 2015.

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