imagigary part two

you thought he was gone? well that was your first mistake. ImagiGary never is gone. he never is anywhere, except for everywhere. that’s right. ever been sleeping and you know you’re having that good dream. you know the one. and then boom, all of a sudden it’s 4am on the time piece and you sitting straight up like your sixth grade bus boners that you tried to hide. well you aren’t alone in that bedroom of yours. nope. ImagiGary is there. watching. probably touching hisdamnself cuz well, you know. that shit gets him off. watching.


in fact, he wears a watch on both wrists cuz he’s so into watching. he’s sees you when you’re sleeping. he knows when you’re awake. him’s the damn santa clause round these parts. stop fuckin with him. seriously.

if I had all the more time to write a cautionary tale about how much damages homeboy can do, I would. but you know what, not all of us have that luxury. im just a man. I pay my taxes. I don’t mow my lawn but I know I could, like if it came to that.

next will be the battle for all of it. how do I know? cuz im telling you now. not really an answer to the question? perhaps you are right. but then again, perhaps you are not.


next time on ImagiGary: maybe the author of these stories will start to make some damn sense. maybe it will actually become a story and not just random sentences. then again, maybe it won’t…only time will tell… muhahaha

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