Intervention part one

The days were longer now. He found it funny how he was unaware of this natural phenomenon, how everyone was pretty much unaware until all of a sudden you realize it. It was nearly 9 p.m. and the sun was still just above the horizon. Where has this year gone? He wondered. It seemed like just yesterday he was shoveling feet of snow out of the driveway. Had he missed Spring completely? What was he doing that whole time? He had had big plans for this year, and now, all of a sudden the year is half over and he’s exactly where he was last year. What the hell happened? Oh yeah, that’s right. In January he had discovered something about himself he had not known. Something so deep and profound that it changed his entire being. He fucking loved heroin. He was a junkie, it was clear to anyone. When exactly it happened was unknown, but unimportant. The Only People knew what they had to do; intervene.


The Only People had always considered Ryan one of their own. Sure, he wasn’t in the immediate circle, but he was always there when they needed him, until now. All Ryan wanted to do now was heroin. Everyday. In every way. He would snort it, inject it into his arms, his legs, his eye (left only) and even once directly into the vein of his penis. Ryan didn’t give a shit how he got it in him, he just wanted it in him.

Chris and Austen were discussing the recent changes in their friend when suddenly Will burst in through the front door. He was out of breath and motioning something to the guys that was well beyond their grasp of understanding. Austen look confusedly at Chris. Chris shrugged.

“What are you trying to say?” Austen asked.

Out of breath, Will is able to squeak out, “Ryan…he’s…on his…way.”

Chris and Austen look at each other to make sure they heard him correctly.

“Did you say that Ryan is on his way?” Chris asked. Will nods. “Cool, we were just talking about him. He has certainly been acting a lot different since, well, you know. The heroin.”

“That’s exactly what I wanted to talk to you guys about,” Will finally catches his breath. “We need to have an intervention.”

Austen and Chris look at each other yet again. “What?” They both say.

“You heard me. We need to have an intervention with Ryan. That fucking moron has broken his last straw.”

“That’s not a saying.” Austen retorts.

“Well, whatever, you know what I mean. He’s going to be here any time now and we need tie him down and intervene his ass.”

“What did he even do?” Chris wonders.

Will looks out the front door, then back to Chris and Austen. “Unspeakable things. I can’t even bring myself to mention them.”

“Oh no. Jesus, he killed someone.” Chris speculates. Will grabs a phonebook off of the coffee table and throws it at Chris. Chris ducks out of it’s way. He raises a fist to threaten that he will punch Will if he tries anything like that again.

“No, you fucking idiot. He didn’t kill anyone. Or rape anyone if that’s where you’re going to go next.”

“What then?”

Will glances once more out of the window. He turns slowly, purposefully being dramatic. He stands stoic, then speaks.”He ate all of my Captain Crunch.”

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