Month: February 2015

Harris Wittels

I don’t feel like I have any room to speak on the wonderful comedic mind of Harris, or his tragic death, but I did want to just pay my respect to a well-respected and clearly loved man. I have been listening to every podcast…



so last month i gave an update on the only people who matter and what we are up to so im just gonna give another that sill be pretty similar to the last cuz well, we are still working on that stuff! so austen…

this weeks people who matter

so i was thinking that maybe every so often i would post a list of people or things that are awesome or that im into currently so here it goes: 1. miles teller.  just watch ‘whiplash’ and tell me you aren’t blown away. new…

our fan in brazil

nearly every day we have a visitor from brazil…im assuming that there is just one of you…am i right? am i wrong? please feel free to comment on this and tell us a little about yourself! we want to know! you matter!

does gum really stay in your stomach for 7 years?

there is a common myth that if you swallow gum that it will stay in you for 7 years before your body can break it down. but is it true? no. its not. okay, so if its not then where did this myth come…

statue of liberty

what if the statue of liberty were actually a french trojan horse but everybody died on the way? or what if its full of Encino man type frozen super soliders waiting to thaw out and take over the u.s. the fact that it was…

jupiter ascending

so………………… just saw jupiter ascending the other day and noticed something all throughout that i wanna throw out there. its every damn disney movie wrapped up into one. im not gonna give an in depth description of the film for those who haven’t seen…

the theory of elevation

I know what you’re thinking. Elevation isn’t a theory, it just is. Right? RIGHT? Wrong. Actually, very wrong. Why you ask? Allow me to explain.


hyperbole is the worst


look up the definition of irony, i bet it’s something you wouldn’t expect.