so last month i gave an update on the only people who matter and what we are up to so im just gonna give another that sill be pretty similar to the last cuz well, we are still working on that stuff!

so austen finished his draft of our feature length film and will is now going over that draft and making some hopefully final revisions and then we can finally start production!

last time we mentioned that will was working on a new secret project and guess what…its not done 🙁 in typical will fashion, he has bit off more than he can chew and is turning this quick small project into a much larger one that will, HOPEFULLY, be done in the next month or so…but no promises. he is trying to make it the best it can be.

also austen and will have decided to venture into the world of fanfic and write some minecraft stories because we found sooo many online that are terrible and are being sold for decent money…so if they can do it, why cant we?!

thats all for now.

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