minecraft fan?


NOT REALLY? WELL YOU SHOULD. or if you don’t..you probably know someone who does…right? RIGHT? yeah that’s what I thought. get to the point? okay I will.

one of the only people who matter has written and published a short minecraft story and its available on amazon and kindle. don’t believe me? then click here:

yep, see? I wasn’t lying to you for once. there it is. a real life fictional story set in the world of minecraft. even if you aren’t into minecraft, you can still enjoy the story. its true. I’ve met several of these people myself. so check it out, or send a friend who does like minecraft this link. or hell, just purchase it for them. why not!

it’s only 2.99, that’s practically free. so just buy it already. if nothing else, you’ll be supporting the only people who matter and we can keep bringing you sweet content.

also, will is done with his first minecraft story too and its currently being reviewed by amazon, so more to come on that soon.

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