the water cycle

it don’t make no sense how when a river flows INTO a gulf…that they aren’t all empty by now. I mean, think about it. if all rivers are flowing from the land INTO the ocean…then they would eventually just be empty, wouldn’t they? BUT BUT, WHAT ABOUT WHEN IT RAINS AND SHIT? THAT KEEPS THE RIVERS FULL. oh shut your dirty whore mouth. i’ll counter that mentally challenged retort with one of my own, only gooder. evaporation fuckmother! bet you didn’t think of that didyanow? sure, it may rain like 10% of the time. but guess what? the other 90, all that water is evaporating as well as flowing to the gulfs. so that’s like a double whammy bitchtits. and im no mathmagician, but 2 vs 1 is usually never good for the 1, but usually is good for the 2. aka what i’m attempting to say is that the 2 will beat the 1 ya munts.

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