keep it up

keep it up is the first track off the new album that is tentatively titled, bullseye.

leo dicaprio’s new mouth

with the Oscars quickly approaching, everyone is wondering. WILL LEO FINALLY WIN? everyone has heard the tales of the crazy stuff he has done for his new, simply amazing film, the revenant. from battling bears to harsh weather conditions, leo showed that he has the grit and the determination to do whatever it takes to finally win that golden statue.

but was it enough? I mean, we’ve seen survival stories before. 127 hours, into the wild. we’ve seen actors put themselves through hell. so again I ask. was it enough? well, leo decided he wasn’t going to take any chances and did something that no one else has ever done.

Leonardo DiCaprio grew a mouth in his forehead.

leo mouth head

let’s really take a moment to think about this as we take a closer look. if this does not win the man an Oscar, I really don’t think anything can. of course, questions linger, can he talk out of it? or eat? is it a completely viable mouth or is it purely cosmetic? only time can tell i’m afraid. but I for one, am hoping that the second mouth delivers the long-awaited acceptance speech. best of luck leo.

leo mouth 2.png