Monthly Archives: January 2016

January 26

podcast episode 37

the panthers are in the superbowl and you better believe chris is pumped. we talk about that, and a little bit more in the latest episode. take a listen and hit us up @pplwhomatter and tell us what you think.

January 24

flex around

January 24

best company ever

just a little preview of the second single from the new album.  

January 21

podcast episode 36

more nfl more nfl more nfl. yeah yeah yeah, that’s all we’ve been hearing from the fans lately. well guess what, your prayers have been answered. chris and will talk about last weekends games and make our predictions for this coming weeks afc/nfc championships. come sail away with us. that was dumb, delete that. okay┬ái […]

January 16

podcast episode 35

chris and will are back with their predictions for the second round of the nfl playoffs. they go into this week tied with 3 wins each. who will emerge as the leader after this week? only time can tell. but ill tell you that you need to listen to this episode now.

January 06

podcast episode 34

this episode finds chris and will at the dawn of the nfl playoffs with predictions and discussions about teams. we also talk a little bit about gun control and the only people officially side behind a candidate!