Monthly Archives: July 2016

episode thirty nine

chris and will. will and chris. one just poops, while the other just piss…es. while that may or may not be true, the fact remains that chris and will are back with a chat about the cubs being 99 percent favorites to win the world series and also they talk about some serious issues like […]

July 13

pissed off pissed on janitorĀ 

well our old friend the pissed off pissed on janitor has decided to up and leave us here at the only people who matter.  you can find him and his hilarious rants now at and follow him on twitter @pissedonjanitor  though he may not be posting his podcast to our site anymore, he is […]

episode 38

did you miss us? neither did we. but guess what. we are back, yes that is right. back with a new episode of the infamous podcast that you all know and love. sure we took six months off, but you know what. sometimes that happens. sometimes one of the two podcasters disappears off the face […]

a predictive story: chapter one

(predictive stories are told entirely by using the predictive text technology. a word is chosen to start the chapter, but then any one of the top three choices can be chosen as the next word in the sentence. this continues until the author finds it to be a satisfying ending) when you get a chance […]