Monthly Archives: August 2016

August 29

episode 45 – dark angel

this week we are doing something different. william and amanda will be discussing the tv series ‘dark angel’ and their thoughts on what a reboot might look like. if it goes well, you may be seeing some more of these with other shows that were cancelled before their time. check it out here and be […]

August 22

episode 44 – the olympics

chris convinces will to do the one thing he never wants to do, talk about the Olympics. also they discuss the new video game, no man’s sky as well as madden, nba2k, and mlb the show. right click here to download this episode

August 19

episode 43

chris and will have only two topics on their minds today. the end of the mlb season and the beginning of the nfl season. but it’s fun, I promise. right click here to download this episode  

episode 42

in this episode chris and will discuss the upcoming ‘ocean’s eight’ movie and also give their predictions for their favorite nfl teams in this upcoming season. all that and not much more on today’s the only people who matter. right click here to download this episode

August 14

Why are the Olympics always during leap year? A history lesson.

This is the question that I get asked more than anything. Constantly people are coming up to me on the street, emailing me, or tweeting at me. Will, please, for the love of god, tell me; why are the Olympics always during leap year? I’m just going to post the answer right here, right now […]

August 14

episode 41 – the bonus episode

here is a little bonus episode for you fans out there. it was part of episode 40 but really had nothing to do with the rest of the episode so we split it and are putting it out now. so, here ya go! it’s all about the rolling stone ranking of every SNL cast member. […]

episode forty

the big four zero. that’s right. chris and will have hit yet another milestone in the road to a million episodes…cuz apparently now that’s their goal? sure, whatever. riding off the highs of last week’s political debate, chris and will stick with it this time, talking about donaldĀ trump and the upcoming election. right click here […]