Monthly Archives: January 2017

January 30

episode 56. nfl championships

chris and will talk about the afc and nfc championships and the upcoming superbowl as well as iowa state football.  

January 26

episode 55. righteoustoby part 2

the stunning conclusion of the mashup between the only people and the only gamers who matter. this one is a little more sports and politics and a little less video games, but still great none the less.

January 23

peerly subjective episode 1

this is the brand new podcast from will and ryan. each week we will pick an actor and and actress and go through their acting credits, discussing what we’ve seen, what we like and what we don’t like. plus there’ll be fun and games along the way. let us know what you think, please!

January 23

episode 54. righteoustoby

check it out. the only people who matter have combined with the only gamers who matter for this podcast full of awesomeness. join chris, will and righteoustoby as they discuss sports and sports video games in the first half of this special two part episode.  

January 16

episode 53. LA chargers and comedy

Chris and Will discuss the Chargers moving to Los Angeles and also our current favorite comedians as well as the prospect of opening our own comedy club.

January 12

episode 52

okay i make a disclaimer at the beginning of this one, but ill say it here too. our audio is way too loud. long story short, we didnt do a test first and it shows. sorry about that. please power through if you can/want. next episode is normal. i promise.

January 05

episode 51

chris and will discuss record players, sound bars and the fact that we have done 50 of these episodes and it’s not nearly enough.