Monthly Archives: April 2017

April 28

objects lay

April 24

episode 70. cubs and playoffs

chris defends his cubs from the brutal attacks by reds fans then we talk about the nba playofffs.

April 23

the only themes who matter

you begged for it and now you finally have it: a full length version of the only people who matter theme song.

April 20

episode 69. half-masted

Danny and Mallory of half-masted stop by to talk about improv and comedy. check out their show on UNI campus at the CAC on Saturday April 22 at 7 and 8:15  

April 20

bonus episode 68.5 – quick update

will gives a quick update on the nba playoffs and aaron hernadez.

April 15

pissed off/pissed on janitor season 2 episode 2

April 15

episode 68. nba playoffs again

chris and will talk jackie robinson day and the nba playoffs.