How the Kyrie/Melo trade should go down.

For what seems like weeks now we have been on the edge of our seats waiting to see where Kyrie will end up. Where Melo will end up. Rumors of a swap of the two including other players or picks have run wild. But where will they land? Let me break down what should happen, but won’t.

I won’t get into the Kyrie/Lebron feud, nor the now infamous Steph Curry video other than to say that it is clear that Kyrie needs to be traded. He can’t stay in Cleveland where he has burned his bridges with both the star of the team and the fans, who have already begun to burn his jersey. Or can he?

The answer is more clear. Kyrie stays. Lebron goes. Right now. Not after next season when it is already speculated that Lebron will bolt for another city, possibly L.A. So why not trade him now? Lebron to the Knicks with his banana boy Melo. Kyrie gets his wish and gets to be the lone stud on a team. The team that drafted him. The team that was supposed to be his team this whole time.

But who goes to Cleveland? As a Knicks fan it’s sad to say but it’s gotta be Porzingis. And others. Picks, or any number of other players. Who knows, who cares? Lebron gets to play with his boy on the big stage in NY and together they can lose to the Warriors in the finals. Even a Finals lose would be a huge win for the struggling Knicks franchise. And Lebron Blames has the ultimate excuse for not winning. It’s the Knicks.

The turmoil with Phil Jackson, turning a former winner Melo into a loser wasting away his prime. And if they do somehow beat the Warriors or Thunder or Rockets, Lebron has done the impossible twice. Bring a championship to Cleveland and to NY.

What do the Knicks have to lose? Their future with Porzingis, sure. But unless they can get other pieces around him, he may be doomed to the curse of the Knicks as well.

What about the Cavs? Why would they trade away the best player in the league to keep a guy who WANTS to leave? He’s young. He’s good and he has proven he is a winner. Lebron is old(er) and might leave in a year anyway. And we all know the Cavs are screwed if he leaves. One more year with Kyrie (unless he is traded now) and then what do they have? No picks and a team of 35 year olds.

So its a win/win for both…in a way. The Knicks get a shot at being relevant again, if only for a couple years. And the Cavs address their concerns of a future without Lebron now, rather than let it bite them in a year. And we’ve seen that Cavs fans will quickly forgive a superstar who wants to leave so there should be no issues there.

Will it happen? Of course not…but then again, maybe the wheels are turning in Cleveland and thats why this Kyrie trade hasnt happened yet.