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Chris is the booming manly voice of The Only People Who Matter podcast, a Carolina Panther and Chicago Cubs fan and loves stand up comedy.



Ryan is half of The Only Rappers Who Matter and also Peerly Subjective podcasts. He is a Chicago Bears, Bulls, and Cubs fan. Will Ferrell tickles his funny bone more than anyone else.



Will the co-host of The Only People Who Matter, The Only Rappers Who Matter, and Peerly Subjective. He is also the titular Pissed Off/Pissed On Janitor. His favorite podcast is Comedy Bang Bang and his favorite sports teams are the New York Yankees and Knicks, and the soon-to-be Las Vegas Raiders.


This etsy shop is run by William’s girlfriend Amanda. She makes some pretty sweet necklaces that I’d recommend you take a look and maybe even purchase. No pressure. Just buy one and we won’t have any problems.


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