podcast 23


checklist for a successful life

Below you will find a series of checklists. If you follow these simple steps each day, you will be well on your way to a successful life.

Single males:

1. Don’t rape anyone.

Males in a relationship:

1. Do something nice for your partner.
2. Don’t rape anyone.

In a relationship and have kids:

1. Do something with your kids.
2. Do something nice for your partner.
3. Don’t rape anyone.

9 things you DID NOT know about Back to the Future

1.  Doc Brown’s name in the script was actually Lloyd Christopher, but upon the casting of actor Christopher Lloyd, Robert Zemeckis had it changed to avoid confusion.

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10 things you didn’t know about star wars

1. Despite playing famous space cowboy Han Solo in over two star wars films, actor Harrison Ford has never actually been to space.

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episode 21 with smeagol

holy shit. you’ll never guess who has been living in Will’s bedroom without his knowledge for weeks…unless you read the title of this episode, then you’ll probably guess that it is the one and only smeagol from the lord of the rings. yes that’s right, smeagol himself comes out of hiding to discuss his troubled life, his alter ego’s and his lawsuit against almost every one.

podcast epsiode 20

the big 2-0. chris and will have a lengthy discuss about their favorite comedic actors and eventually decide on a top 5 list to represent each of their favorites.


the only people who matter web series episode 2

boom. here it is. the 2nd episode of our web series.


new twitter account!

now i know you all have been following our personal twitter accounts for weeks if not months if not years now..

@chris69nieman and @wilbyr47

but we have exciting news. we have combined powers to form a NEW twitter specifically for people who matter business only.


we couldn’t get @peoplewhomatter because some jackass already had it. but pplwhomatter is pretty much 47% cooler anyway so its all good! anyway, follow us and get all the news and updates before we even get them!

(cuz we don’t follow @pplwhomatter)