new web series!

Austen and Will are proud to announce that we are hard at work coming up with a new web series to bring to our fans. This is literally being written while we are shooting the footage for our first few episodes. Now, I won’t give away too much right now, but just know that this is going to be unscripted, and all about tabletop roleplaying games. That’s right, we are doing our own D&D channel. We will post the videos on here as well as Youtube. Now I better get back to shooting so we can get this out to you as soon as we can.

Keep checking back for updates!

batman vs superman script leak!

You want to see the new Batman vs Superman movie but can’t wait until it comes out? We have the next best thing. The first ten or so pages of the script, right here on The Only People Who Matter website. Check it out. It’s pretty legit. Definitely real. And as far as we can tell definitely setting up for an awesome movie.

Comment and let us know what you think! Are you excited to see this movie?

click this link here!   Batman vs Superman script


imagigary part two

you thought he was gone? well that was your first mistake. ImagiGary never is gone. he never is anywhere, except for everywhere. that’s right. ever been sleeping and you know you’re having that good dream. you know the one. and then boom, all of a sudden it’s 4am on the time piece and you sitting straight up like your sixth grade bus boners that you tried to hide. well you aren’t alone in that bedroom of yours. nope. ImagiGary is there. watching. probably touching hisdamnself cuz well, you know. that shit gets him off. watching.

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