episode 62. march madness

ryan g stops by in an extra long episode to talk to chris and will about the recently released ncaa brackets and things, well, they get heated.


episode 61. mitch

our old friend mitch stops by after a 3 year absence from the show to talk about comedy, dicks, and other mature adult things.

peerly subjective ep 4. a new direction

ryan g and will b decided to change up the show and now we are focused entirely on rapping. freestyles, rap challenges and much more await you. check it out and let us know what you think on here or on twitter.




peerly subjective 3. emma stone

ryan g and will b talk about the career of emma stone and have a tough decision of where to place her on our all time ranking. it gets intense.


peerly subjective ep 2. anthony mackie

ryan g and will b discuss the talented anthony mackie in this week’s episode. where will they place him on the all time ranking? tune in and find out.