Monthly Archives: October 2014

terrible tv show remake idea 2

pinky and the brain but pinky is a vagina and brain is a ball sack.

terrible tv show remake idea 1

sooooo family matters but with poop. call it fecal matters.

kevin’s ok cupid ‘about me’

cell phone – a poem. or haiku. or some shit.

cell phone –> self own –> cellph one –> self one –> oneself look in the mirror. what do you see?

your child is like my boner

1. my boner is hard. raising a child is hard. 2. boner means mistake. your child was a mistake. 3. my boner often shows up when i don’t want it to. your child often shows up when you don’t want it to. 4. no one wants to see or hear my boner. no one wants […]

crispus attucks

famous “first casualty” of the american revolution via the boston massacre OR how a southerner would slangly state his intention to roast a penguin?

how to get away with murder in four steps

1. murder 2. tell the police about the murder 3. 4. get away with murder. I forget what step three is exactly but just use the other three and i’m sure you’ll be fine.