Month: October 2014

terrible tv show remake idea 2

pinky and the brain but pinky is a vagina and brain is a ball sack. Advertisements


terrible tv show remake idea 1

sooooo family matters but with poop. call it fecal matters.

kevin’s ok cupid ‘about me’

cell phone – a poem. or haiku. or some shit.

cell phone –> self own –> cellph one –> self one –> oneself look in the mirror. what do you see?

your child is like my boner

1. my boner is hard. raising a child is hard. 2. boner means mistake. your child was a mistake. 3. my boner often shows up when i don’t want it to. your child often shows up when you don’t want it to. 4. no…

crispus attucks

famous “first casualty” of the american revolution via the boston massacre OR how a southerner would slangly state his intention to roast a penguin?

how to get away with murder in four steps

1. murder 2. tell the police about the murder 3. 4. get away with murder. I forget what step three is exactly but just use the other three and i’m sure you’ll be fine.


well it only took a year but we finally hit 1000 views! thanks to all our fans out there who check the page regularly. hopefully we will be able to post content more frequently in this coming year and boost our views even faster!

A History Lesson: Ulysses S. Grant

Ulysses S. Grant For thirty three years, Ulysses S. Grant was unable to get an erection. Yes, that’s right. The 18th President of the United States, decorated war hero couldn’t pop a chub to save his life. Now you may be thinking, which thirty…

the next big name in literature. fo real folks!

all of you people who matter and people who dont matter should check out the writing blog of our good friend austen! he is working on a few projects currently but mainly a pretty sweet horror zombie survival book which I, Will, have had…