podcast episode 34

this episode finds chris and will at the dawn of the nfl playoffs with predictions and discussions about teams.

we also talk a little bit about gun control and the only people officially side behind a candidate!


Let’s Create a Punch-List

by Austen Rodgers  http://austenrodgerswriting.com/

Oftentimes I believe that the value of writing out a punch-list is understated, so I am here today to give tips and information about creating your very own punch-list.

In today’s first world society, we have lists for everything. To-do lists, check lists, Christmas lists, not-to-do lists, wish lists, and, now, punch-lists. Punch-lists have been around since the dawn of time. The first ever found was written by the Egyptians. Ancient Egyptians used the punch-list for many different reasons, mostly to simply remind the person who wrote it who they owed a fist-kiss to. Including the Persians.

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