See you next year, Golf.

This is the end of my golf season. The schizophrenic weather here in Iowa has finally gotten consistently bad enough for me to make no effort to go golfing again this year. I did, however, see a couple people golfing two days ago, then it snowed yesterday and is 25 degrees out today. I have conceded and will have to wait until next year to golf again.

This summer I started golfing quite a bit more than I have in about seven years. I realize it is an expensive sport, and one of the most difficult sports to be any sort of good at. That being said, it is also a sport that people can continue to play throughout their entire life. That thought has really drawn me back to the sport. So I decided to recap my personal highlights this season.

I estimate that I played between 15 and 20 rounds of golf this summer, which is a lot compared to the 2 rounds I played last summer. I didn’t keep my score every round, but this is how I did by my best guess. 

  • 3 houses hit
  • 1 Street in Regulation (that’s when you hit it onto a street on your tee shot)
  • 2 under Street in Regulation (that’s when you hit it across the street on your tee shot)
  • 4 people almost hit with ball (they were in a group together, but I almost hit them all the same)
  • 1 me almost getting hit with ball (by this sites co-host, Will)
  • 1 hawk eating a squirrel (and it didn’t give a fuck and we drove up in the cart to take pictures)
  • 2 rounds under 100

It was an eventful year for me and my golf game. If you golf I hope you enjoyed this, and at the very least you can feel better about your game now that you know how bad some of us are.


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