9 things you DID NOT know about Back to the Future

1.  Doc Brown’s name in the script was actually Lloyd Christopher, but upon the casting of actor Christopher Lloyd, Robert Zemeckis had it changed to avoid confusion.

2. The similarities between actor Christopher Lloyd and singer Cher Lloyd simply cannot be a coincidence.

Both of their last names are Lloyd. Both first names start with a “Ch”. Cher was born in July, the same month that Back to the Future was released (not the same year). Christopher appeared on the tv series “Cheers” which closely resembles the name Cher. Back to the Future held the number one spot in the box office until it was kicked out by National Lampoons European Vacation, the exact same continent where Cher Lloyd is from. Cher Lloyd says her favorite film is Hocus Pocus starring Bette Midler. Bette Midler was in a film called ‘Parental Guidance’. And it was reviewed by a man named…you guessed it. Christopher Lloyd. Don’t believe us? Click here: http://www.ticketsarasota.com/2012/12/27/movie-review-parental-guidance/
And finally, in the first scene of BTTF, Marty McFly annouces that he is late for school…Cher’s second album title? Sorry I’m Late…

3. Michael J Fox was not the first Marty McFly.

Everyone knows that Michael J. Fox replaced Eric Stoltz in the role of Marty McFly after about 5 weeks of shooting. But did you know that when Zemeckis and Spielberg told the studio that Stoltz wasn’t working out and they wanted to go another direction, the studio not only agreed, but had their own ideas of what direction the filmmakers should go. Animated. Yes that’s right, the studio had already drawn up several sketches for the lead characters. Marty McFly was going to be Marty McFox, a cool and suave fox. Doc Brown was going to keep the same name, but be a brown bear. When Spielberg heard that the lead character was going to be an animated fox, he begged the studio to let him find an actor to replace Stoltz. They gave him one day. That night, Spielberg watched an episode of Family Ties and it was there he saw Michael J. Fox. Immediately, he knew that was their lead. He describes the irony of Fox’s last name and the animated fox as “a sign from above” that MJ Fox was right for the role.

4. It took a team of three to come up with the film’s title.

The title “Back to the Future” was carefully constructed by a team of three literature professors from Yale to be a reverse palindrome. Meaning it’s spelled the same forward as it is spelled normally.

5. The movie was released in 1985 and grossed $198.5 million dollars worldwide opening weekend. Accounting for inflation, that’s a box office record that still stands to this day.

6. A film’s star had a bit of an Oedipus complex going on in real life.

In the film, Marty travels back in time to when his parents were in high school and his would-be mother falls for him. In a case of life imitating art, actor Crispin Glover, who played Marty’s father had to drop out of the sequels because he was busy seeking counseling for his mother, who had confessed her love to him just days after the release of the first film. After her rehabilitation, the actor resumed work but never achieving the fame he might have had he been able to make the sequels.

7. Christopher Lloyd claims he has never watched any of the BTTF films because he felt they made him look much older than he was. The 6’1” actor was asked to hunch over because he towered over the 5’5” MJFox, thus making him look old and decrepit.


8. Two of the film’s stars did not understand the film’s title.

During a press conference for the film, Fox said that titled referred to the fact that Marty McFly was keeping his back toward the future because he was afraid of facing his future after graduation. Christopher Lloyd has stated several times that he believed the title was Zemeckis’ way of showing his opposition to the technology boom that was occurring with the emergence of computer companies like Apple. Apple creator Steve Jobs and Robert Zemeckis were long time rivals.


9, Three scrapped title ideas later went on to be used for other projects. 

Other ideas included “Blast from the Past” later became a Brendan Fraser movie. “Back for the first time” later became the title of a Ludacris album and “Days of Future Past” Later used in an Xmen comic and then a film.

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